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Stefania Giangregorio Consulting

Inspiring healthier, more fulfilling living through empowerment and education  in mind, body, nutrition and lifestyle.

I'm Stefania Giangregorio, a health practitioner and personal development coach, and it is my inspiration, and purpose, to share the knowledge and tools I have integrated from years of extensive study and experience dedicated to the healing arts and human behaviour - to help individuals overcome challenges and achieve objectives - leading healthier, more fulfilling lives in all areas of life: physical, mental, vocational, familial, financial, spiritual and social.

An inspired life is not by chance, it is crafted on purpose.

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I offer a range of services including consultations, coaching services and bespoke training programs. Whether it's looking for solutions to life's challenges in one or many of the areas of life: physical, mental, vocational, familial, social, financial, spiritual; or wanting to increase productivity and empowerment; to a complete life makeover, together we can design and help you build your vision.

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My Services

Choose the service based on your needs. Together we can transform your life into your own masterpiece.


I can help you by sharing my knowledge to facilitate see(k)ing solutions to life's myriad challenges and seeing them as being on the way, not in the way.


Together we identify your inspired vision and work step-by-step, crafting your design, as you become an ever more purposeful master of your self and your life.


A range of compatible building blocks and tools that may be recommended or you could choose to add to your life-building toolbox.


Bespoke seminars or training programs, delivered virtually or in-person, for groups or corporate teams to maximise potential and productivity. 

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Live By Design, Not By Default

Give yourself permission to exemplify living a life you love.

Any area of your life not empowered, will be overpowered

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Start where you are now, with what you have

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Be first at being you

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Ready to transform your life?

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What My Clients Have To Say

''You have a natural gift and you use it to good effect! You make a positive difference to many, many people's lives. Things are happening considerably sooner than anticipated. The good vibes have resulted in good changes. Thank you for your guidance and your magic."



''Stefania helped me through a tricky time in my life and equipped me with tools to use in my day to day life. Stefania taught me numerous techniques that have become healthy habits which allow me to lead a positive, happy and harmonious lifestyle! If things get tricky I turn to these techniques which calm and ground me. Thank you so much, I can’t put into words how much you empowered me so I could steer and manifest where I wanted my life to go. I highly recommend Stefania!"



''Stefania has a fine understanding and knowledge of personal development and her expertise was evident in the way her workshops were delivered and received the by participants who attended. Some workshops were repeated due to the demand from our clients.''



''Thrilled to have found Stefania, her approach to therapy relieved my post-operative pain. So grateful."



"I am glad I found you, I feel you have been a positive influence for me. How you view things is great - love that change of thought."



''Stefania is a wonderful listener, consummate professional and I am grateful to her for the sessions, which have made a positive difference to my quality of life."



About Me - Stefania Giangregorio

More information about my career and what I do professionally

I'm Stefania Giangregorio and I'm a behaviour change consultant, applied health professional and educator.  One of my (many, many, MANY!) favourite quotes is from Michelangelo - while sculpting the great statue of David, Michelangelo was asked why he was working so hard. His response was a simple, but profound statement: 

''There is an angel inside this rock, and I am setting him free." 

This statement has been my mission statement and mantra since before I could really grasp the profundity of it and how it related to my "art" - the more I learn and the more I serve, the more I realise the truth of it - there really is something remarkable in each of us - sadly often missed because we seem to live more by default, than by design.

With 20+ years of professional background and continued learning in a broad spectrum of therapeutic fields, including acupuncture, nutrition, physiology, psychology, sociology, hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), communication, education and human behaviour strategies, I understand that each of us is unique and take a holistic approach to consider a wide variety of factors which can either support or undermine us. For example: whether we have purpose and meaning in our lives; what, when and how we eat: whether and how we move, sleep, rest and play; how we cope with stress; how we manage our emotions; the impact of our relationships and social connections; and not least, the nature and quality of the environment in which we work and live.

I truly am inspired by making a difference in people’s lives, and strive to enable and empower clients in becoming adept in managing challenges; supporting them to develop the confidence to make conscious, practical choices and pursue activities that support that individual's continuum to achieve their whole-life potential.

Partnering with clients who want to make sustainable behaviour changes to improve and empower their wellness, resilience and productivity, I respect that each client is an expert on their own life and as such, remain non-judgemental in supporting, educating and facilitating clients to find simple, practical ways to break through resistance, overcome challenges and plan their journey to fulfilment in all areas of their life.

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Tel: +44 7548 247115


Tel: +44 7548 247115